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At the heart of every home is the kitchen and it is certainly no different in ours. All sorts of delicious magic is created in our kitchens by our wonderful cooks, who cater for all palates, desires and dietary needs. Proper nutrition and hydration is essential to health and well-being and every effort is made to ensure that we cater for all preferences and requirements.

Menus are regularly updated using information and feedback from our residents in the forms of questionnaires and always contain seasonal vegetables and fruit and wherever possible, locally grown produce.

All residents’ nutritional needs are risk assessed monthly, or more often where there is a need. From time to time, perhaps following a period of ill health, if a resident loses weight, we will in every instance speak with the GP. At this time we may consider fortifying foods with cheese, cream and full fat milk, making them more calorific and therefore aiding weight gain. Our cooks are experts in making every forkful count!

We also cater for diabetic and vegetarian diets and those with food allergies and in addition to the regular meals, snacks and drinks are always available.



In other cases, someone may be experiencing swallowing difficulties, so we would again speak to the GP for an urgent Speech and Language Therapist (SLT) referral. A qualified member of the SLT team would then come and carry out a detailed assessment of the resident’s needs and will then ‘prescribe’ a special dysphagia diet which can range from grade 0-7 (small and thin through to regular and easy to chew).

For those requiring a pureed diet, every effort is made to make their meals look appetising, using food moulds.









Here is a sample of a typical menu that our cooks adapt across our group of homes, which demonstrates our commitment to a varied, healthy and nutritious diet for everyone in our care.








As well as our regular four weekly menus, we regularly carry out theme days and events whereby those who wish to, can try foods from different countries, have their fish and chips in paper on beach theme days, sample cocktails and canapes on ‘dress to impress’ days, BBQ’s in fine weather, seasonal party themes (e.g Valentine’s Day, Halloween, St Partick’s, Christmas and New Year), cream teas with families and we can even organise ‘room picnics’ for you and your family.

And finally, no birthday is complete without cake! Our cooks all ensure that every resident has a homemade, delicious birthday cake on their special day.

Mission & Values

  • Empathetic
  • Motivated
  • Compassionate
  • Patient
  • Responsible
  • Gentle
  • Competent
  • Enabling
  • Caring
  • Kind
  • Reliable
  • Respectful
  • Flexible
  • Considerate
  • Knowledgeable
  • Skilled
  • Trustworthy
  • Sensitive
  • Caring
  • Calm
  • Honest
  • Trust
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