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My husband has been at Avalon Court for 2 years. It is a lovely homely place and he is happy and settled. The staff are all fantastically kind. Nothing is too much trouble and my husband, aged 91, is treated with dignity and understanding. He has his own "corner" in the lounge where he can read and leave piles of books there, as he would do at home. The food is first class and he enjoys his meals and the kitchen staff are loving and kind.
The environment, in the quiet village of Butleigh, is peaceful and surrounded by flowers and green fields. Perfect.

SJ - Wife, Avalon Court Residential Home

We looked at a few homes for my mother and Beech Tree House, in our opinion, was the best of them all and the right place for my mother. Staff are very good, friendly, lovely and helpful and it really feels like a home. Would highly recommend.

PB - Daughter, Beech Tree House

The minute I entered "The Tudors", I felt reassured that my dad was in the right place a "home from home". The staff are welcoming, knowledgeable, caring and take time with each resident. My dad told me "they make me feel I matter". He is now moving there permanently, and I couldn't be happier. The Tudors is well lead, client-focused and provides individual holistic care. My relief is undeniable. Thank you

HM - Daughter, The Tudors Residential Home

I can honestly say without any hesitation that I would recommend Friarn House Residential Home to anyone that needs care either on a short term or long term basis.

MR - Son, Friarn House Residential Home

From the beginning, Alan and his team made Yvonne most welcome and helped us with regards to her settling in period. The home has a lovely atmosphere and the staff are all very caring and clearly know their residents very well. Yvonne always looks well cared for and her needs are catered for to a high standard. On visits, we are always given updates regarding Yvonne's health, activities and such like. Regular newsletters and pictures complement this and help put Bills mind at rest.
Alan and his staff are clearly passionate about their home and its residents and this comes across to us and is greatly reassuring.
We cannot thank them all enough for taking such good care of Yvonne.

DC - Relative, Friarn House Residential Home

My aunt has resided at The Tudors for two years and during that time we have been completely satisfied with the care she has received. The staff have been friendly and approachable, doing their best to make The Tudors as homely as possible. I am happy to recommend The Tudors to anyone looking for residential care in the Glastonbury area.

PC - Nephew, The Tudors Residential Home

Being a small home Beech Tree House has a family home feel to it - not at all like an institution. The lovely, mature garden is easily accessible from the house and is enclosed by an old stone wall so there is no risk of residents wandering off.

KW - Wife, Beech Tree House

I always found Friarn House to be a very friendly, clean and homely place for my late mother to live. The high quality of care together with the attention to detail that my late Mother received was excellent. She was very content and relaxed in the care home due to the staff making all the residents feel like a large family.

MR - Son, Friarn House Residential Home

The staff's cheerfulness and good humour is noteworthy in this difficult and often frustrating area of care.

AK - Daughter, Avalon Court Residential Home

As always an excellent home with a great reputation amongst the primary care services in Bridgwater. Well run and led by the manager.

MH - Doctor, Friarn House Residential Home

We would like to express our heartfelt thanks for the care you are giving my mother-in-law.  We have heard nothing but the highest praise for all the carers and workers at Frairn House and this sets our hearts at ease.

DG - Daughter-in-Law, Friarn House Residential Home

Since my last review, I have sadly lost my beloved Dad. I cannot praise The Tudors enough. The love, care and end of life care for my Dad was totally amazing. The love, care and support that we as his family received was exemplary. Being able to be with him in the final days of his life was a blessing. He was loved and supported and treated with dignity by the Director and all of the staff from the cook, to the top. Nothing was too much trouble, even at 1.40 am when he said he was hungry. I have the utmost praise and respect for this wonderful home and we cannot thank them enough. Dads' heroes.

HM - Daughter, The Tudors Residential Home

My husband went there from the hospital and showed signs of improvement from the first day. He had more energy, was more alert and less confused.  He is very vulnerable emotionally and I was worried that he would feel lost and insecure away from home. To my great relief, he always looks very integrated and secure with every member of staff and the other residents. 

KW - Wife, Beech Tree House

My Grandmother was moved to Friarn House due to her dementia worsening and her not being able to stay in her own home. 

I loved the fact they had various organisations in to do activities with the residents, my Gran loved this.

The care and dedication from the staff were amazing from the beginning to the end. All the staff were welcoming and nothing was ever too much trouble for them. 

Highly recommend the home.

MR - Grandaughter, Friarn House Residential Home

I am happy that Mum is so well looked after especially the affection and warmth shown to her by the staff.  Friarn House is like a real domestic home with a sense of belonging and security.

AK - Daughter, Friarn House Residential Home

My experience of the home is warmth and laughter from staff and also from other residents. When you phone, staff are always polite and cheerful, even when I phone at odd times. The overall impression is clean, well maintained, the kitchen is clean and well run. As I cannot look after my husband myself, I am happy to have found a caring home for him.

PC - Wife, Friarn House Residential Home

A beautiful house that they have made into a very homely care home. In my opinion, all staff are exceptional they look after my mother with great care, are friendly, loving, and pay attention to her needs.
The owner and manager have always been available if I have any questions they listen, help and when required, act immediately.

PB - Daughter, Beech Tree House

The staff took the time to talk to the residents and make sure that all their needs were met, which included any medical issues. The home also provided activities for the residents and arranged for outside people to come in for musical singalongs together with, other forms of entertainment, which the residents always enjoyed taking part in.

MR - Son, Friarn House Residential Home

My late mother was a resident in “Friarn House” due to her unfortunate health issues with Dementia for over 4 years and during this time she was very well cared for by both the management and the staff.

MR - Son, Friarn House Residential Home

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